Kaleta and Zozo Afrobeat Storm New York – June 28

ZOZO Afrobeat new CD CoverKaleta and Zozo Afrobeat band have broken out of the shadow of  Afrobeat disciples and pretenders. They get a chance to show the world what stuff they are made of come this June 28 at the Central Park Summer Stage, New York City. Kaleta played with Afrobeat Maestro, the one and only Fela Anikulapo Kuti but that was in those days. Kaleta has come a long way and he now leads three Afrobeat bands – “Kaleta,” “Zozo Afrobeat,” and “Akoya”. The face of KaletaYou may have heard his music in the African immigrant adventure film, “THIS AMERICA,” but we will bring you a video taste of Kaleta and Zozo Afrobeat music in a subsequent blog. MORE ON KALETA   



2 Responses

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  2. Zozo is a great band and delivered lots of energy. The crowd didn’t seem to mind the rain too much.

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