Venus wins Williams Sisters Wimbledon Finals, 2008

Senior sister, Venus Willaims, defeated (July 5) her younger sister Serena Williams (7-5, 6-4) to capture the Wimbledon female tennis championship title for 2008 – her fifth Wimbledon title and her seventh Grand Slam. Serena has won eight Grand Slams (an impressive family record). This was Venus’ victory over Serena since 2001 and brings their career record head to head at 8-8. Their father Richard stayed away from the match as he did not want to watch her daughters square off against each other. Nevermind, their mother Oracene stayed around to give motherly succour to the talented siblings. Way to go – keep making us proud, sisters.



4 Responses

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  2. Can you say SPOILER… I’m so glad I got up at the crack of dawn to watch this match instead of recording it… I would have shot myself in the head if I saw the title to this blog first.

    Good karma I guess.

    ~ Mr. Echo

  3. We are glad we didn’t spoil it for you. We were just trying to make good news available to our readers in time.
    Remain well.
    – Moderator

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