US fires lawyer for racist comment against Nigerians

Here is a recent report from the Punch for your consideration.

“We have Nigerians in positions of trust around the world doing their jobs and living their live with exemplary honesty which would rank equal or higher than that of any race or nationality.” – US-PRONACO Secretary, Bukola Oreofe

Another case of prejudice against Nigerians in the US and everywhere has been established against a top official of the US government, Roger Adams, a US government Attorney who prepares presidential pardons for US President George W. Bush, for describing  Nigerians as “not very honest,” Empowered Newswire, a US-based Nigerian news agency reports on Wednesday.

But in a swift response, the US government has reportedly fired the official after internal US government investigations revealed that Adams comments were racist.

“In his comment, Oreofe said,”It is very unfortunate that a high level government official would advise President Bush to take a decision one way or the other not based on the facts of the case or the new life style of Minister Chibueze Okorie in a request for pardon but rather propelled by unabashed prejudice and stereotype. The views of this official concluding that all Nigerians are dishonest is flatly wrong. His choice of words in defending his  recommendations to the President of the United States further exposes his deeply rooted disdain for Nigerians. By his logic a Nigerian child born today has the tendency to commit more crimes than other people! How does anyone justifies such a baseless assertion that lacks any empirical rationalisation.”

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2 Responses

  1. Racism is a bad, bad thing. Racist ideas can be overcome partly by educating people out of their prejudices.


  2. racism is disease that must be eradicated watch more news and updates about africa on this africa tv

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