Barack Obama calls for World Unity in Berlin Speech

Barack Obama calls for World Unity and a new world resolve in a historic speech at Victory Column, Tiergarten Park, Berlin Germany



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  2. Dear Barack Obama,

    I have written to you about World Unity and more specifically have been seeking your support for a World Unity Day proclamation sponsored by United Nations.

    Please be my voice and call for a World Unity Day:

    Now more than ever, we, the people of the world, need a collective, unifying vision to bind us together to end this era of darkness. After September 11, 2001, I envisioned a United Nations proclamation for declaring a World Unity Day, to kindle the Light of Unity in the heart of all humanity. On World Unity Day, people of world will acknowledge the past with forgiveness and celebrate a new beginning with universal acceptance, association and appreciation toward an era of oneness in diversity. The foundation upon which we build world unity must be based on the principle of oneness that we are all children of one God, expressions of one spirit, members of one race and citizens of one country, and the roots of our oneness are celebrated in the beauty and power of our diversity.


    Hooshmand Kalayeh

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