Saving Children Branded as “Witches” in Africa

Mags Gavan, Redrebel Films

CRARN Children accused of being witches and wizards, protesting outside Gov's headquarters

Even as we celebrate love, hope, and unity across the world with the dawn of the Obama era, let us remember those who may not have the voice loud enough to bring attention to their plights. Sometime ago, we brought your attention to the plight of the people of the Niger-Delta whose environment have been and continues to be polluted through gas-flaring and other oil production related activities by some of the world’s biggest and richest oil companies. (To read details and see video please scroll down)
Now, we bring you the story of thousands of children branded witches and wizards by some religious and local priests and  institutions in Africa. We wonder what could be the convincing proof for subjecting these children to instant condemnation, harm and death. Also, we wonder how many children have been mistakenly or ignorantly killed because of this belief. For the full story, please see our NOTICE BOARD

NOTE: One British charity worker is fighting to help the children stigmatised as witches.He decided to help raise money for the refuge – the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network (Crarn) – and try to persuade the parents to take their children back. He has also helped to build a school for the children who are refused places at local schools.
“Any Christian would look at the situation that is going on here and just be absolutely outraged that they were using the teachings of Jesus Christ to exploit and abuse innocent children,” says Mr Foxcroft whose expose of what he describes as “an absolute scandal” will be screened in a Channel 4 documentary on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 9PM.

To help these children, please visit



11 Responses

  1. As a Christian, I am absolutely appalled by this. It seems to me that those extremists who brand these children as witches and then go on to carry out weird rituals and such abuse on them “in the name of Jesus” are the ones who could do with being exorcised.

    The word of God tells us that many would come in Jesus’s name who were false teachers and false prophets. It seems to me this is a clear example. If these people really came in the name of Jesus they would not be charging for their services fr one thing. If there is a profit to be made, Jesus’ heart is most definitely not in it.

    We must pray for these children and their families. This is what should have been done in the first place.


    ransom33 @

  2. I have just watched channel 4′ children branded as witches in africa and I am still in shock.
    As a mother of a 14 month old daughter, and a person with a soul, I simply cannot comprehend how any ‘human being’ could harm a defenseless, innocent child as all of these children are and always have been.
    These so called prophets are child abusers who are being allowed by society to get away with quite literally murder. How can they and those who follow them live with themselves on a daily basis?
    I am appalled and disgusted that this is happening in today’s society. I am stupefied that the average person believes such clap trap regards witches – for goodness sake this sounds like something out of the middle ages! What is wrong with these people?
    All I want to know is what can I do to help these poor babies – I could not live with myself if I didn’t do something to help protect them from these cruel and heartless abusers and their supporters.

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  4. I echo the sentiments above. How easy it is to brand oneself a ‘christian’ and hide behind it. Ive watched many a documentary in a similar vein, yet this is the first that has prompted me to look into assisting in some way. Ive my own child. And cannot comprehend the fear and terror those children must feel. Simple abandonment from a parent is enough to instill fear in a child. But the abuse that followed is abhorrent. Gary Foxcroft is a remarkable gent. I am ringing the action line telephone number that was featured at the end of the programme, and am hoping to begin some fund raising. If not for my own family commitments, id be on the next plane out there!

  5. i have just watched children branded as witches on more 4+1 and i was discusded by how they can say and do wat they were doing and get a way with it some thing needs to be done to stop it and if i could i would like to help out and do something like this to help the helpless all i can really say is im glad there is people working around the clock helping as manny of these children as they can

  6. After watching channel 4’s dispatches: Africa’s witch children I am appalled that ‘priests’ are allowed to carry out such acts which go against basic human rights. I am even more appalled that parents would allow their children to be subjected to such cruel acts of injustice, it could even be called torture.

    I am only 14 however I feel strongly about this as the children featured are innocent, impressionable and some of them are my age; I find it impossible to imagine anything remotely like the ordeal these children are being subjected to.

    However on a more possitive light I am overjoyed at the fact there are people who care and can see the ‘priests’ for the scammers they are. I feel there should be a way in which we can help these charity workers help the children of Africa who have been branded witches. Therefore I feel my school should find some way of assisting this worthwhile charity as it and as soon as I am 16, regretably a few years away, I will be looking in ways in which I can take a more hands on approach to helping this charity, and hopefully setting up more around Africa.

  7. I too was appalled by this programme and will send a donation.
    Is it too much to ask that Christians who believe that The Bible is the word of God might dwell on the implications of this conviction?
    Fundamentalists of all religions are a threat to civilisation.

  8. I was absolutely devasted to see this programme on channel 4 where children were being branded as witches. As a christian myself , i know our god is a god of love,he sent jesus to die on the cross so our sins would be forgiven so who are they to condemn these poor children, we are all sinners! ,its prayers they need not torture. Even jesus himself in the bible rebuked evil spirits but not with pain and torture and definately not with money! but by healing them with his love. God does say in the bible that there will be those who come as ‘sheep in wolves clothing’. I will continue to pray for these children that god will keep them save and will change the hearts of the people committing these crimes and for god to rebuke the evil spirits within them.

  9. Gentlemen I beg you please to send me this note in Spanish, my english is not good enough . I am not a believer and think this is a crime that must be known all over the world, so I will be able to send this to many spanish spoken friends, and they will do the same . If I may write you in spanish I will express myself better. I have no objection if you publish my mail, I ^ll be glad to receive any comments. I thank you so much and wait your response,good bye.

  10. Please, I want my mail address to be published because I will be glad to receive any commentes,, thanks a lot

  11. It is just hard to believe that so many children are being killed. The children are our future. Nigeria’s future is slowly but surely being compromised.

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