We are a group of African online bloggers, writers, artists, entertainers and producers committed to the common purpose of uplifting of African image and culture through the promoting and sharing of positive African events, news, activities, and developments using uplifting and imaginative pictures, videos, stories, articles, poems, essays, speeches and more. We look forward to building a positively interactive African community online. Please join us, enjoy, and remember to send this link to others to join us here at africanblogs.


Feel free to post about Africa but PLEASE KEEP IT POSITIVE!

– Management, AfricanBlogs

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18 Responses

  1. I see that you have just started your blog and I hope you will never run out of positive news and ideas about Africa.

    Greetings from someone who has many African friends and who loves to be in Africa from time to time.

  2. A nice resource for people who are interested in first hand news from Africa. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, wanted to let you know about a new online community for Africans. The website is http://www.werepafrica.com. We even have a blogs section on there, and we’d love to have you blog there as well.



  4. Find some insight into Africa on nyakpo.com

  5. Hello, I am an African blogger who features political and social commentary on global events and the exploration of feminism, gender, relationships, and sexuality within Islam and Judaism on my blog.

    The name of the blog is The Nahmias Cipher Report @ http://ayannanahmias.com.

    What is the process for joining your online community?

    Ayanna Nahmias

  6. It is a good start and I like the almost all the blogs you posted. They are direct reflections of reality, no sugar coated.

    Keep it real that should how it should be.

  7. It is a good start and I like the almost all the blogs you posted. They are direct reflections of reality, no sugar coated.

    @ http://www.africanstube.com

    Keep it real that should how it should be.

  8. Thank you, Mesuu

  9. Award winning alto-saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch is one of the most exciting and versatile young musicians in both the British jazz and hip hop scenes. He will be in Botswana in April. Check out his video feed on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cross-Border-Projects/130680846994766

  10. Hello,

    I would like to personally invite you to the relaunching of Makola.com on December 3rd at 260 West 36th Street (on the third floor).Makola.com is a start-up eccomerce company founded by an African student We are located in New York City and have been operating for just about six months now.

    Our goal is to build a world class platform for local African markets to sell their products. The e-commerce market has been growing rapidly with the likes of Amazon and Ebay now an integral part of our shopping experience. Recently, the explosion in daily deal websites such as Groupon and Living Social have done a tremendous amount to enable local merchants to leverage the power of technology to add greater value to society and create wealth for themselves. However, most African markets have been left out of this technological revolution that is sweeping the world. That is why Makola.com was created.

    We are confident that the increased efficiency we add would cause prices to be more affordable and make the products more accessible. It is our vision that as the demand for African products increases, more jobs would be created in Africa. This would inevitably lead to economic prosperity for a continent that has been hitherto plagued by poverty for such a long time.

    Our vision of creating value through innovation and hard work is a concept that I am particularly passionate about. We are currently revamping the entire design of our website and adding many new and exciting features that should make the event a much talked about one.

    We’re confident that the novelty of our idea, our customer-centric approach to problem solving and the remarkable story we’re writing will be one to take us far.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas that you have. You can reach me on my cell at 614-286-7468 or e-mail via kwadwo@makola.com.


  11. There’s a wonderful new blog by a Liberian woman: liberiawoman.com

  12. Ngoma Africa Band, a German based Tanzanian band is now one of the oldest and most successful Africans bands in Germany.
    listen them at http://www.ngoma-africa.com or www,ngoma-africa.com

  13. As songwriter and producer, Jezine Ndombe Olondo, I have been strongly encouraged to make contact with you in hopes of catapulting my project full speed ahead for the beginning of 2013. I am not only eager but equally confident that you are able to help me accomplish my goal of sharing great music with the masses, but I would like to start by simply sharing my music with you.

    “Where You From”, the suave sound of Guepsy Lumemo is reminiscent of old rumba, which our African parents and families used to listen to. The original and modern twist in Guepsy Lumemo’s music is that his soft voice blends harmoniously with the R&B, Reggae & Soul instrumentals to create a refreshing genre of music: a fusion between old African tunes and current Soul. His latest single, “Where You From”, is the perfect model of his trademark music. The lyrics speak to all of us. It relates to all of us, no matter where you are from, no matter what country, city, town, village or hood you may reside in. Guepsy’s word’s incite a sense of pride and allows us to see the “kitoko” or beauty from where we are from.

    This is the hit single that you will not be able to resist dancing to in the club or listening to on your drive to work! This song is monumental and I am convinced that it will capture the attention of many listeners and fans not only across the country, but across the world. Where you from?


  14. Interesting & interactive blog

  15. Hello,

    My name is Maba Ba, I am an Actor/filmmaker in New York originally from Senegal. I found your blog online and really love it! I have something that could be in your interest in regards of your blog. It is a short film shot here in NYC following a day in the life of an African cab driver in New York city. Since I put the movie on youtube last week, it has been featured on various websites such as seneweb.com, africav.com, to name a couple. People are reacting positively to it, it really shows the life of an African immigrants and especially african cab drivers in New York City.

    Here is the youtube link the movie, it is a 12 mins short, It has screened at various film festivals as well, the Boston international film festival, the Willie Fest in Williamsburg, the Broadway auditorium to name a few. I hope this can be good material for your blog and if so, I could provide more content for you in the near future.

    Taxi Cab Teranga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cF6d0laSYM

    May this email find you in peace,

    Much Success!!

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