THE RETURN OF SPADE – A Movie About the Quest to Protect the Values of African Heritage

Agent SPADE returns in pursuit of international criminals to recover some stolen African Artifacts and at the same time quash a syndicate engaged in human trafficking!  – PREMIERING SOON – Details at
Writen and directed by Oliver O. Mbamara


Coming African Film takes on Women trafficking and Smuggling of African Artifacts

A soon to be released  African feature film takes on illegal trafficking of women and the smuggling of African Artifacts (out of Africa and) to Europe and America.

SPADE: THE LAST ASSIGNMENT is written and directed by Oliver Mbamara of THIS AMERICA and SLAVE WARRIOR. Below is a one minute trailer of the feature film shot both in Nigeria (Nollywood) and the United States of America.

Visit the film’s website for details and how to get a FREE SCREENING PASS to see the entire film. Screening and Premiere will soon be announced.


Yes, We Can! – The Chant of a New World

Grant Park Chicago - Crowd listens to Obama's victory Speech

Across the world, from America to Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, and more, crowds of people  with different races, color, gender, and calling,  came together to celebrate the dawn of a new era.  Many were touched and some openly shed tears as President-elect, Barack Obama gave his victory speech. Below is a poetic impression. Please enjoy!

Yes, We Can!
(The Chant of a New World)

Hearts of joy, faces of hope, smiles of love
A sea of heads, a multitude of people
Chanting voices, echoes and rhymes
Across the world, we celebrate the moment
As tears of joy stream down our cheeks

Undivided by any seeming difference
Race, creed, gender, or preference
We hug with love and friendly warmth
And wave in appreciation of history made
Evidence of a nation that has come so far

The 44th President has come with hope,
And we are reminded of our better nature
From Kansas, USA, to Kenya, Africa
Ready, willing, renewed, and eager,
Yes, we can overcome our challenges

Poems of Freedom
© Oliver O. Mbamara,  November 6, 2008


Obama’s Victory: Birth of a New Era: The Return of USA… A POEM

Barack Obama leads the charge into a new era

Barack Obama leads the charge into a new era

Apart from being historic as the first time a black man is elected to the position, the election of Barack Obama as America’s 44th President comes at a time when the American people and the world in general seem to be in serious need of change, a new direction and the return of those founding ideals of America.

Birth of a New Era: The Return of USA

In liberty, a nation carved its name,
God’s own country, the land of dream,
Tested among nations, it excelled in unity
And reigned supreme in great ideals;
And then began the fade and loss of clout

But Hope audaciously came to bear
Packaged with the elements of change
Rekindled by a child of many races
Supported beyond the shores of America
Journeyed through the depths of winter

And once again the ideals are within reach
Liberty, opportunity, unity, and survival;
America is born again, and the world is hopeful
Beyond years of antagonism, a new gear is shifted,
A new era is begun, And America returns.

Poems of Freedom
© Oliver Mbamara, November 4, 2008


Making of the SPADE MOVIE Soundtrack

Follow us to the music recording studio in Long Island where Filmmaker/Director Oliver O. Mbamara and talented Afrobeat musician, Kaleta are working on the soundtrack of the movie, SPADE. More video clips will be coming after this as the work progresses. To listen to some full versions of the tracks visit the movie website

ABOVE: Sample of the TIWANI/NKEANYI Soundtrack

BELOW: Making of the SPADE IS THE MAN Soundtrack

For More On The SPADE MOVIE visit

“I FORGIVE THE TIMES” A poem inspired by the movie – SLAVE WARRIOR

I Forgive The Times

Today I forgive the times
When chains and whips wrested freedom
From a people of a time and an era
When man’s brutal nature reigned supreme
The culprit or the victim I may have been
And so today in forgiving
Perhaps, I forgive myself

©2008 Oliver Mbamara, June 2006

Poems Of Freedom

inspired by the African feature film – SLAVE WARRIOR 

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Stage play – “A PIECE OF ME” takes on “Forgiveness”

“A Piece of Me” is a stage play about an individual’s hesitancy to forgive his mother for her life of drug abuse.   To an extent, this brings to light, the statement of Oliver Mbamara in his poem I FORGIVE MYSELF (inspired by the movie SLAVE WARRIOR) that “in forgiving others we forgive but ourselves”

Full text of Oliver’s poem: I FORGIVE THE TIMES is the blog above this one.

For details on the play (A piece of me), click on image (to the left) for large version of Flyer.